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Rohinton Mistry’s Squatter – A Study in Shahrazadic Narrative Mode (Published)

Rohinton Mistry’s narratives draw upon Western realism, the Arabian Nights – Shahrazadic – mode as well as Indian narrative styles, which foreground the role of the narrator or Sutradhar…. Mistry’s Squatter is amenable to a critical reading in the light of the art of oral narrative in Shahrazadic tradition, which prescribes Sense of Audience, Sense of Heritage and values, Reliable Reporting in Private and Collective Memory, Blending Modes and Moods, Digression and Orality/Literacy.

Keywords: Audience, Heritage, Larger Narrative, Micro Narrative, Oral Narrative, Rohinton Mistry, Shahrazadic Tradition

Analysis of Argumentation Schemes in Hillary and Trump’s Third Presidential Debate (Published)

In their everyday life, people are usually involved in different types of conversations, they discuss about their different needs and in order to gain what they want and win the conversation, they tend to utilize different verbal ploys or strategies such as argumentation schemes. Argumentation schemes” Argumentation schemes are binding kinds of reasoning when seen as moves, or speech acts in the setting of dialogue“. They are significant features in presidential debates since they can be exploited via the discussants in order to beat each other and win the presidential battle. However, the current paper aims at discovering the different kinds of argumentation schemes, their role in political debates and how they can be effective factors in the persuading process. The study hypothesized that “scheme of analogy is the most common type of schemes that is generally utilized in the presidential debates. The data includes the third American presidential debate that held between Clinton and Trump 2016. It has been analyzed based on Walton’s(2002)concept of argumentation schemes. The hypothesis of the study is verified and the basic results that have been concluded from the study includes that Argumentation schemes are needed to be employed in any critical discussion because of its persuasive nature.They can be detected  in humans every day discussions and people may employ them almost in all types of  their conversations.Finally in presidential debates, the arguer exploits all his verbal attacked tools such as argumentation schemes to win the election race and get the audience’s votes, so it can be considered as a cheese game in which the player do his best to win the game.

Keywords: Arguers, Argumentation Schemes, Audience, Convince, Debates, Persuade

The Ethics Of Covert Playacting: In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Wakefield” (Published)

Wakefield” constructs the situation of theater within theater within theater where almost every character is playing the audience of another stage. The story offers three layers of stages where the husband (one stage), who is being watched by the narrator and the readers (another stage), is furtively watching Mrs. Wakefield, the only player (a third stage). Oddly, no one theater is conscious of the encircling one.  Each renders the encircled theater in vulnerable conditions and undergoes what it consciously makes others unconsciously experience. The paper examines three key groups of characters to explore what Hawthorne tries to find out through vulnerability and theatrical watching. These are Wakefield, his wife, and the narrator and readers.  I will also attempt to examine how the treatment of these two concepts are manifested in the two authors’ handling of the narrative point of view. My objective is to reason that Hawthorne’s notion of vulnerability and theatrical watching offers innovative observations.

Keywords: American Short Fiction, Audience, Hawthorne, Narrative Point of View, Vulnerability, Wakefield Stage

Nigerian Audiences’ Perception of Pentecostal Churches’ Ownership of Digital Satellite Television Channels (Published)

Pentecostal churches’ ownership of channels is a relatively new trend in Nigeria; apparently, it is one of the aftermaths of deregulation of broadcasting industry in the country. By the application of uses and gratifications theory; this paper investigated Nigerian audiences’ perception of Pentecostal churches’ ownership of digital satellite television channels. Survey research method was adopted for the study and a sample of 300 respondents was drawn using multi-stage sampling techniques, whereas the questionnaire served as the instrument of data collection. The work’s major finding is that the public perceives Pentecostal churches’ ownership of channels as a welcome development in Nigeria; they uphold the channels’ airing of miracles, albeit with regulations. Again, it found out that broadcasting of such religious programmes help to draw people closer to their Creator.

Keywords: Audience, Broadcasting, Channels, Media, Pentecostal Churches, Programmes

An Investigation into the Causes of Unemployment among Youths in the City Of Harare. (Published)

This paper sought to investigate the causes of high unemployment among youths in zimbabwe’s capital city, harare. This research followed a realisation that there can be no solution to the problem of high youth unemployment unless the causes of such unemployment are identified first. The study was a survey in which 180 unemployed youths were respondents as it was felt that they were better positioned to give critical primary data since they understood their situation and its causes better than anyone else. The findings indicated that the economic downturn in zimbabwe was the major contributory factor to the unemployment of youths in the city of harare. The ripple effects of economic downturn which include closure of industries and lack of foreign direct investment were blamed for the situation. theory-intensive secondary school and university curriculum, government’s misplaced priorities, corruption, nepotism, droughts, lack of specific job skills among the youths, preference of white-collar jobs, dislike of lowly paying jobs and educated youths who shun manual intensive jobs are but some of the causes singled out in this study. It is common cause that if zimbabwe is to correct the situation of high unemployment among youths, the country must attend to the causes first

Keywords: Audience, Broadcasting, Channels, Media, Pentecostal Churches, Programmes

Audience Perception of UBA “Gunners” Debit Card Promo on ATM Screen in Nigeria (Review Completed - Accepted)

The study investigated audience perception of UBA “Gunners” debit card promo on ATM screen. The main objective of the study was to find out whether the Gunners debit card promo attracted non UBA customers to bank with UBA. The study adopted survey research method and utilised questionnaire for data collection. The study was anchored on two theories, namely: diffusion of innovation theory and technological determinism theory. The population of study was the entire UBA ATM users in Awka Metropolis and the sample size of 384 subjects was selected using the Krejeie Robert and Morgan Darlye’s sample size determination table. Findings of the study revealed, among others, that non UBA customers were attracted to bank with UBA because of the debit card promo and that the use of ATM screen as a medium of advertising banking products and services is a good way to get customers’ attention to the ad message. The paper recommended, among other things, the continuous utilisation of ATM screen in the promotion of debit card usage so as to encourage potential advertisers to consider the use of ATM screen for advertising

Keywords: ATM Screen, Audience, Debit Card, Gunners, Perception, Promo, UBA