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A Case Study of Translating English Qualitative Adjectives in Attributive Position into Arabic at Bisha University (Published)

This study has focused on the undergraduate Saudi learners at Bisha University. Our main concern of this paper is translation of qualitative adjective sentences from English into Arabic by Saudi learners. This study applied the quantitative research method for gathering data. This paper was undertaken with the intention of investigating how and to what extent can the learners in two colleges translate the qualitative adjective sentences in attributive position from English into Arabic. As we all know that translation plays an important role in conveying messages from one language to another. Therefore, students should be encouraged and motivated enough to learn and practice translation from the source language to the target language to increase their understanding in this field . The objective of this study was to find out the major problems and difficulties the students faced in their study of translation in the classroom in general and in their translation the qualitative adjective sentences from English language into their mother tongue language in particular. It was clear that tasks, activities, and practice of the learners were insufficient and they need more and more practice in translation the different types of English qualitative adjective sentences in attributive position . Data analysis in this study revealed that most of the students had  major problems and difficulties in translating the qualitative adjective sentences in attributive position from English into Arabic  because of their mother tongue interference and the two languages have grammatical and structural differences. However, many students have tried their best and done fairly well  in translating some of the adjective sentences in the students’ translation test . It was possible to conclude that the classes of translation were largely teacher-centered and teacher dominated rather than student-centered . Besides, the learners should be given a lot of tasks and assignments  to improve their level of translation .                   

Keywords: Arabic, Attributive Position, Bisha University, English Qualitative Adjectives, Mother Tongue Interference, Translation Studies