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Interaction Effect of Facebook and Simulation Instructional Strategies on Students’ Attitude and Achievement in Biology in Senior Secondary Schools in FCT-Abuja (Published)

Interaction effect of facebook and simulation instructional strategies on students’ attitude and achievement in senior secondary Biology was investigated. Quasi-experimental design was adopted with population of 12719 and a sample of 247 senior secondary two biology students. Data were generated using Germination Achievement Test (GAT) and Student’ Attitude to Biology Questionnaire (SABQ).  GAT and SABQ were subjected to reliability analysis using Kuder-Richardson formula 21 and Cronbach Alpha formula yielding coefficients of 0.75 and 0.68 respectively. Data were analyzed using graphs and Analysis of Covariance for testing the hypotheses. The results revealed no significant interaction effect of strategies and gender on mean attitude ratings of students towards seed germination; there is significant interaction effect of strategies and gender on mean achievement of students in seed germination. It was recommended that teachers should involve male and female students in learning activities to avoid gender stereotyping and create equal opportunities for male and female learners.

Keywords: Facebook instructional strategy, Gender, Seed Germination, Simulation instructional strategy, achievement in biology, attitude towards biology, interaction effect.