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Comparative and Evaluation of Explicit Rate Flow Control in ATM Networks (Published)

Current and feature application make use of different technologies as voice, data and video. Consequently network technologies needed to support them. This paper gives the technical overflow of different networking technologies such as the internet. ATM and different approaches to run input on top of an ATM network and access their potential to be used as an integrated services network. Novel high throughput reservation based switch architecture for ATM/WDM network [4] is presented. This scheme is connection free a highly flexible yielding a powerful solution for high speed broadband packet switching networks

Keywords: ATM, Explicit Rate, Flow Control, High Speed Broadband, Network

Assessment of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) At United Bank for Africa (UBA) Osun State, Nigeria (Published)

The study explores the use of automated teller machines (ATM), service at United Bank for Africa Osogbo branch. To carry out the research, survey (ex – post – facto) research design was adopted. The target population for the study comprises all commercial banks in Osun state Nigeria but because of time and cost implications, two hundred (200) customers were randomly selected to constitute the sample population for this study. An instrument tagged” Assessment of Automated Teller Machines” was used to collect the data for the study. The instrument is self – constructed by the Researchers. The data collected were subjected to statistical scrutiny such as Mean, Mode, median, Frequency count, percentage spread and standard deviation. The main statistical method used to analyze the data and answer research question is Chi – square statistics. The finding reveals that majority of the subscribers of the ATM prefer it to counter services. On the basis of this finding it was concluded that frequent breakdown, irregular network service, problem of accessibility and limited withdrawal for a day are the main factors contributing to underutilization of ATM services at the bank. It is therefore recommended an improvement in service connected to the use of the facility. Management of the bank was advised to make all ATM transaction and subscription free; fine – tuned master cards are to be in online shopping and all sales outlet across the country at all branches in Nigeria.

Keywords: ATM, Commercial Bank, Internet Banking, Master card, Phone Banking., UBA

Internetworking Transmission in Cells loss designing MPLS and ATM Networks (Published)

ATM is the new generation of computer and communication networks that are being deployed throughout the telecommunication industry as well as in campus black bones. OPNET is a CAD tools which is specialized in communication protocols and networks. We examine its performance and its effect on the traffic pattern in an ATM network. In this paper we also report the studies of simulation efficiency and network performance of simulated network using firewall.

Keywords: ATM, Cells loss, Internetworking Transmission, MPLS, Networks

Implication Of Agent Banking On Profitability Of Nigerian Commercial Banks. (Review Completed - Accepted)

Agent banking has become an essential practice of financial institution in bringing their services closer to the people at the grass root. There is no doubt that agent banking if adopted into Nigerian banking system will help to improve banks profitability. The aim of this study is to investigate the implication of agent banking on the profitability of Nigerian commercial banks. The study made use of descriptive survey in carrying out the research and content analysis in analyzing the work. It was revealed that agent banking has proved to have essential role to play in improving customers satisfaction and bank profitability and it was recommend that agent banking should be adopted in Nigeria

Keywords: ATM, Agent banking, Electronic Banking, Masters Card, Profitability