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Intelligent Traffic Management of the Abr/Ubr Service for Tcp/Ip In Fair Rate Atm Networks (Published)

A Central issue in congestion control for available bit rate service ATM networks is the comparison of the fair rate for every connection at each switching node in the network. The objective is to determine the fair rate for all the connections in a distributed network under dynamic changes in the changes in the absence of centralized knowledge about the network and without the synchronization of different network components. The problem of fair rate allocation specifying the requirements of a fair rate allocation algorithm and providing a survey  of various proposed fair rate allocation strategies in the content of ABR service. Design of congestion control mechanism for multimedia streaming over the mobile network is challenging. Streaming applications require a smooth transmission rate which the internet is unable to provide whenever there is congestion in the network. The standard TCP congestion control mechanism is not able to handle to special properties of a shared wireless multichip channel well. The frequent changes of the network topology and the shared nature of the wireless channel post significant changes. We propose a router assigned approach where router provides explicit feedback which allows quick increase of throughput.

Keywords: Abr/Ubr Service, Atm Networks, Intelligent Traffic Management, TCP/IP