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Indices of Discrepancy between Students’ Learning Styles and Their Grade Achievement at Masters’ Level (Published)

The present study aimed at finding out indices of discrepancy between students’ learning styles and their grade achievement at Masters’ level. Sample consisted of eight hundred and twenty students studying in third and fourth semester of Masters level in public sector universities (Pakistan). Sample was drawn from Education, Psychology, Mass Communication, Economics, Statistics, History, Defence and Strategic Studies, Sociology, Pakistan Studies, Anthropology, and Management Sciences. Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory was used for assessing learning styles of students. The students’ first two semesters’ results were used in order to find out their grade achievement. Data were analyzed by using, frequencies/percentages, and one way ANOVA. Divergent learning style was found to be learning style of majority of student irrespective of the difference of departments or disciplines of study. It was concluded that learning styles had a significant effect on grade achievement at Masters’ level. The divergent, assimilative, accommodative, and convergent learners acquired higher grades respectively.


Keywords: Accommodative Style, Assimilative Style, Convergent Style, Divergent Style, Experiential Learning, learning styles