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Debating Fiscal Federalism Dafflon, Bernard (1992): “The Assignment Of Function To Decentralized Government: From Theory To Practice”. Government and Policy, Vol. 10, Pp. 283-298. (Published)

Reviewing a book generally has twofold advantages: first to understand the central ideas of the book, to dig out the shortcomings and strong sides of the authors view as it evaluated on the eyes of others. The second advantage of reviewing is to investigate various contestable facts and scholarly debate on a certain issues and hence, it enables the readers to know what the book is all about, and to have one’s position of argument. Therefore, dealing with review of Bernard Dafflon’s book which is entitled as:“The Assignment of Functions to Decentralized Government: From Theory to Practice” and his assumption regarding theory of the assignment of function to different levels of governments make possible us to broaden our level understanding on the issues in advance. The reviewing process is  embarked on based on the principle of grand assignment of functions such as macroeconomic stabilization function, redistribution function and allocation role that are traditionally assigned to the central government nexus Dafflon’s view. Moreover, different scholars’ arguments regarding assignment of function at each level of government are also included.  

Keywords: Assignment of functions, Macroeconomic stabilization, Redistribution., sub-national and local government