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Assessment on the China’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Under the first Xi’s Presidency and the Proposal of the Singaporean Experience in the Continuation Process of the Xi’s Anti -Corruption Campaign in China (Published)

One year after his first accession at the head of the People’s Republic of China and the General Secretary of the China Communist Party, Mr. Xi Jinping had initiated a vast program of fighting against corruption. Five years later, the China’s President has reiterated his willingness to combat corruption as one of the top  priorities of his second presidency, during the 19th National Congress of the China Communist Party in October 2017, when he stated “The people resent corruption most; and corruption is the greatest threat our Party faces. We must have the resolve and tenacity to persevere in the never-ending fight against corruption’’. In this article, the authors make an assessment of the Xi anti-corruption campaign of his first term, and suggest the Singaporean anti- corruption policy for the continuation process of the xi’s anti-corruption campaign in China.

Keywords: Assessment-China-Anti-corruption-Campaign-XiJinping-Presidency-Proposal-Singaporean-Experience-Contiunuation-Process