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One Belt One Road Initiative: Asia Perspective (Published)

The inception of the One Belt One Road initiative and associated programs have attracted significant attention from around the world to the not just the Asian growth story in the new century but to the growing influence of China as an inductor of a new global world order. Amidst this, there is also a brewing discussion about the impact of these developments on India and the interplay between India and China in the following decades in the context of trade and geopolitics. The One Belt One Road initiative has been conceptualized as a new age institution that can effectively promote trade and development in the 21st Century, and the rise of Asian economies and the growth of China and India, among other nations, indicate an impending shift in the global power balance. This paper analyzes these developments from an Indian perspective in the context of Sino-Indian relations and the future of the Asian regional relations, and argues that for sustainable and harmonious development in the new century, India and China should enter their golden age of unrealized and unfulfilled cooperation.

Keywords: Asia, Economy, One Belt One Road, Regional Integration, Sino-Indian Relations

Prospectus of Bangladesh in Developing Intermodal Freight Transportation Network in South Asia (Published)

Asia is the destination of world trader because of its significance growth and sustainability after the economic downturn in 2008. In addition, South Asia is a place of development because of world giant India and renewed readymade garments manufacturer Bangladesh. Furthermore, Bangladesh is playing a vital role because of her position in the Bay of Bengal as worthwhile sea access points of the South Asia, South-East Asia and South-West part of China. Driven in particular, recent movement of business towards Asia and South Asia, Bangladesh has the opportunity to provide transport service in the region because of its lucrative maritime gateway and extensions of dry port, low cost in managing freight transport also the opportunity to build transport network of rail, road and river. Remarkably, recent development initiative by India exclusively for basically landlocked area Seven Sister or NE part of India, landlocked countries Nepal and Bhutan , additionally , development initiative by China for developing SW part  exclusively by Silk Route, overall, increased the responsibilities of Bangladesh for modeling integrated transport network. This paper is trying to discuss on port reformation, intermodal freight transportation system and related infrastructure development that are required by Bangladesh to do “Transport Business” in the region. Greatly, open access policy for neighbors and international trade and public private partnership initiative for infrastructure development that will create the opportunity for Bangladesh to act as integrated service provider of intermodal freight transportation in the region extremely. However, political openness and stable government along with role of government and attitude of businessman and investors are important to create such structure of intermodal freight transportation in Bangladesh. Lastly, this paper tried to set some future directions on the basis of literature review and discussion on intermodal freight transportation.

Keywords: Asia, Bay of Bengal, Freight, Infrastructure, Intermodal, Silk Route

Russian Interest in Central Asia in Natural/Energy Resources (Published)

Natural/energy resources are considered as the key factors of the nation’s economic development. In the modern world, energy has been considered as the lifeline since it is required in almost every human activity. In order to support national development, any country wants to exploit as much natural/energy resources as possible (Skipka and Theodore, 2014). The powerful countries are not only using their own resources but also paying interests to resources of other countries. This assessment tires to critically explore Russian interest in Central Asia in natural/energy resources.  

Keywords: Asia, Economic Development, Energy, Russian, resources