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Analysis of Heavy Metal Contamination by Artisanal Refining Plants in the Niger Delta Region, Southern Nigeria (Published)

Artisanal refining Plants are common features of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. The effects of heavy metal contamination on soil by non-conventional refining plants were investigated and analyzed using standard methods. Two soil samples were collected at 18 m intervals between Plants A and B and at 24 m intervals between Plant B and C. Then control sample was collected 2 km away from unimpacted soil. The result of the analysis showed that polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) recorded maximum concentration of 6899.4942 ppm at station C at the depth of 0-15 cm. Furthermore, the concentration of heavy metals investigated are below critical levels as proposed by FEPA (1991) and NCC(1991).

Keywords: Artisanal Plants, Heavy Metal, Hydrocarbon Contaminated, Niger-Delta, Nigeria