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Artificial Cloud Target for Radar (ACTR) To Simulate Growth or Decay of Cumulus Cloud (Published)

Micro scale details of growth and decay of cumulus cloud is indispensible for developing any software related to prediction of thunderstorm, duststorm, hailstorm and also downbursts, microburst, gust fronts etc. It is well known that despite favourable synoptic situation not all cumuliform clouds in the region grow into towering cumulus or cumulonimbus. Growth could be isolated (single cell storm) or localized in small region (multicell storm). It could be attributed to locally favourable topographical support, small scale low level humidity contrasts or local hot spots etc. Hence for a nowcaster it is extremely essential to predict which cell will grow into cumulonimbus and which will not. Further if any cell is likely to grow into cumulonimbus then it is important to determine its precise direction and speed of movement

Keywords: Artificial Cloud, Decay of Cumulus Cloud, Target Radar (ACTR) Simulate Growth