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Impact of English Instructional Program on Developing Bilingual Arab Migrants Spouse Speaking and Listening skills (Published)

The aim of this study is to enhance bilingual spouses’ migrants (BASM) listening and speaking skills through an integrated English language program. These skills are interrelated and one of the challenges for most bilingual learners, especially migrants. To achieve the aim of the study, the researcher conducted qualitative and quantitative study. The participants in this study were (56) Arab migrants spouse of those who want to travel abroad to some European countries for family reunion. The sample’s number was not big because the researcher has no control over learners, they joined the program by their own desire because they want to study for IELTS exam.  An intensive English language course has been taught around 4 months to three groups of workers, in addition to some different activities during the year 2019-2020.The study took place in Sudan and Saudi Arabia. An interview has been held and a questionnaire was designed and applied too. Besides, pre-and posttest of listening and speaking were applied to investigate the learners’ level and the effectiveness of the program after finishing the course. The results of the pre and post tests were significantly different in the two groups of speaking and listening in favor of the post test. Concerning the questionnaires and interview results, respondents were highly motivated to join the program and shown great satisfaction on the program. Based on the findings above, the study recommends the necessity of more intensive listening and speaking learning programs using different methods. Practicing the language can also facilitate learning in addition to reviewing of some IETS tests in listening /speaking.

Keywords: Arab, Spouse, bilingual, migrants

The Arab Spring and Syria Security (Published)

The article discussed the Arab Spring and the uprisings it brought to leading to the overthrow long-serving regimes Syria. The article focused on Syria by analyzed the disastrous impact the Arab Spring has on Syria, particularly on how it has affected Syria security. The uprising was influenced by anti-government protests by some group of Syrians who were demanding the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad. The impact of the Syrian civil war was the effect it had on regional security through the activities of violent extremist groups which forced majority of its citizen to seek refuge in neighboring countries.

Keywords: Arab, Security, Syria, spring

Allah’s Political Sovereignty, As ‘Imagined’ By Fundamentalist Muslims, and Its Role in Disapproving Secularism in the Arab World (Published)

This article’s central theme is to expose the ‘views’ of fundamentalist Muslims and radical Ulema about secularism; which is the separation between religion and state affairs. Fundamentalists and Ulema have been using many internet websites and forums to oppose Arab governments and liberals’ endeavors for secularization. Fundamentalists introduced what they call “Islamic alternative” which insist on fusing religion and state affairs. Through their intellectual discourse, the fundamentalists distorted secularism in the collective consciousness of Arab societies, and have created a psychological complex rooted in the subconscious and internal thinking that secularism is jahiliyyah (ignorance), kufir (unbelief/infidelity), Rida (apostasy) and iilhad (atheism). This fact is of great importance in the present history when the influence of Islamic extremism; that producing terrorism, is increasing throughout the world. This study focuses on the internet, websites, and forums run by fundamentalist groups and individuals, since these sites became more influential than books, because of its easy availability and lower costs.

Keywords: Arab, Fundamentalism, Islam, Religion., Secularism, Ulema

Integrating Arab and Jewish Students in Colleges in Israel: Ohalo College as a Case Study (Published)

The present article attempts to check the possibility of integrating Arab and Jewish students in colleges in the state, the current integration at Ohalo College is used as a case study. Participants comprised thirty Jewish and Arab, male and female students at Ohalo College in Katzrin, Israel. The current study investigated whether such integration can promote peace between Jews and Arabs. Aspiration for peace is a significant value of life in Israel, and it appears in various contexts and in political discussions. Peace promotes tolerance, prevents violence, and creates dialogue among the parties. Education for peace, which is expressed in integrating Jewish and Arab students, increases the value of higher education in general and the value of education for the Arab community, in particular, due to the inferior status Arabs in the state. The current study discusses the existing types of integration besides the integration possibilities in various academic institutions along with the hardships and obstacles that prevent Arab students from integrating as equals in the Jewish community.

Keywords: Arab, Arab Community, College Student, Education, Jewish