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New Idea Useful For Construction of Water Well Design (Published)

Grain size distribution analysis that is one of the base properties of aquifer materials gives idea about water well design. Particle size distribution of aquifer materials through mechanical sieving gives results in terms of cumulative values of angles. The method proposed in this paper can be used effectively to replace the retained and passing weights. The results of the research indicated that the size of particles significantly affecting in grain size distribution for the each angle, and it’s being fast and accurate results for estimating slot size of screen and gravel pack size. Determination of grain size distribution derived from mechanical analysis method (circle) is give a new idea and useful for predict theoretically through the angle value for any particle grain size predominant. A new novel for measuring the particle size distribution of aquifer was conducted to compare the results obtained from sieve analysis depending on old methods (retained and passing).

Keywords: New novel, aquifer materials., grain size distribution, image model