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The Apple Store as a site of language ideologies: Arabic language as an example (Published)

Even though advertisements are thought to be mainly published for economic reasons, they are not ideology neutral. In online platforms, developers of language learning apps will need to advertise in a way that reaches a larger population and is persuasive. Utilizing Critical Discourse Analysis (Fairclough, 1992), Multimodal Discourse Analysis (Kress and van Leeuwen, 2008), and Bhatia’s (1993) model of rhetorical moves, this study explores how developers of some Arabic Language Learning Applications (ALLAs) make use of discursive rhetorical persuasive strategies to advertise their products. The study also investigates how these advertisements can be ideology loaded by analyzing the descriptions of three ALLAs available on the Apple store. Findings show that ALLA developers connect the Standard Arabic language with Islamic religion and the Arabs’ identity as a rhetorical persuasive move. Also, success in Arabic language learning is promised with native Arabic speakers. Other moves link Islam to multimodal discursive units, such as colors and textile.

Keywords: Apple Store, Arabic, Ideology, advertisement, rhetorical