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Evaluation of the Potential of Daqu-Derived Actinobacteria for Light-Flavour Chinese Liquor (Published)

The 15 Actinobacteria strains isolated from the Daqu for light-flavour Chinese liquor, were identified on the basis of 16S rDNA gene sequence analysis and investigated from morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics to analyze the role in Fenjiu liquor brewing. The research results demonstrated the 10 strains have the ability to produce exo-enzymes, amylase, protease, cellulose simultaneously. The 15 strains showed a wide spectrum of antifungal and antibacteria properties on tests of antagonisma against phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria. The 16S rDNA sequencing analysis revealed that Streptomyceswas is the predominant genus in culture-dependent Actinobacteria strains  in Daqu ecosystem. We speculated the Actinobacteria play a very important role on two aspects: one is the ability to produce amylase, protease, cellulase to participate in the process of saccharification; the other is the inhibition of harmful microorganisms in the production of Daqu, and these isolates may have strong biotechnological potential in agriculture.


Keywords: Actinobacteria, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Daqu, Streptomyces


97 swabs were collected from the vagina, the mouth, middle ear, skin and urine of clinical cases for patients with candidiasis disease in Diyala province for the period of July 2010 – February 2011 for the diagnosis of some types of yeasts associated with the human body and treated with garlic and colocynthis extracts. The results of diagnosis showed that Candida albicans and C.tropicalis yeasts associated to the human body by 69.35% and 13.3%. colocynthis extract showed cellular toxicity of red blood cells. Hexane extracts of garlic and colocynthis gave highest percentages 52% and 63%, followed Alcoholic extracts 50% and 45%, then the hot and cold water extracts 33%,35% 0.25% and 30%, respectively,alcohol and hexane extracts of garlic and colocynthis showed inhibition effectiveness higher than in cold and hot water extracts.The inhibition effectiveness of garlic extracts better than colocynthis extracts against C. albicans and C.tropicalis yeast, hexane extract of garlic at 100 mg/ ml gave higher inhibition percentages 100% against C.tropicalis, followed by alcoholic extract 98.88% against C. albicans and C.tropicalis, and the lowest inhibition percentages 57% at 20 mg / ml for the cold water extract of the garlic plant too. The results showed that MIC of Fluconazole 12.5 and 6.5 µg / ml against C.albicans and C.tropicalis , and then Ketacanazole and Nystation 25 and 12.5 µg / ml respectively . Whereas MFC of antifungal 50 µg / ml. hexane extraction for garlic and colocynthis at 100 mg / ml have been showed inhibition effectiveness equalized to inhibition effectiveness for antifungal of Nystatin at 2 mg/mI

Keywords: Antifungal, Colocynthis, Garlic, culture media and patients