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Influence of the Location and Crack Angle on the Magnitude of Stress Intensity Factors Mode I and Ii under Uniaxial Tension Stresses (Published)

This paper deals with the effect of crack oblique and its location on the stress intensity factor mode I (KI) and II (KII) for a finite plate subjected to uniaxial tension stress. The problem is solved numerically using finite element software ANSYS R15 and theoretically using mathematically equations. A good agreement is observed between the theoretical and numerical solutions in all studied cases. We show that increasing the crack angle β leads to decreasing the value of KI and the maximum value of KII occurs at β=45o. Furthermore, KII equal to zero at β = 0o and 90o while KI equal to zero at β = 90o. However, there is no sensitive effect to the crack location while there is a considerable effect of the crack oblique.

Keywords: ANSYS R15., Crack, KI, KII, Location, angle, tension