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Review on the Link between Technological Change, Climate Finance, and Market in Mitigating Climate Change (Published)

Global Climate change has a negative impact on all sectors of the economy, eco-regions, and social groups. Identifying the risk, the international community is working to reverse the movement. By considering the climate change impacts, the global community is driving an effort of their capacity to prevent the trend. To reduce the impacts of climate change through measures such as reduction of GHG emissions. Linking technological change, climate finance, and the market is a key element for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in climate-smart agriculture. The purpose of this review is to highlight that technological change is closely linked to climate finance and the market in mitigating climate change, the role of technological change in mitigating climate change, the role of climate finance and financing mechanisms in mitigating climate change, and the market perspectives in mitigating climate change.

Keywords: Climate Change, Technological Change, and market, climate finance, mitigating.