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The paper attempts to establish the evolutionary trend and spatial distribution of traditional marketplaces in Kano metropolis and as well evaluates organizational and operational issues that characterized the Kano business landscape on environmental perspectives. The methods used include: Analysis of Satellite Imageries of 2011; Inventory and Field Observation; Use of Official Records; In-depth Interviews; FGD; and Case Study. The results show that there are total of 43 existing markets and as well they are the strength of Kano business landscape. 22 are community markets; 7 metropolitan; 5 regional; and 9 international markets. The evolutionary trend shows that the Kano markets evolved in three main phases namely: the first generation markets; second generation; and the recent or contemporary markets, but unevenly distributed which has been found to have both negative and positive environmental repercussion. Moreover, the business landscape is characterized with the proliferation of super-stores, shopping malls and other trading avenues along major roads and streets which on their own sphere form another kind of market (the unconventional markets). Frequent conflagratory fire outbreak; absence of security and peace due to militant crusade; and operational issues such as inadequate electric power supply; noise pollution and ambient air contamination are the major challenges facing the growth and development of markets and the sustainability index of the entire Kano business landscape. Based on the scenario of Kano business landscape, a descriptive model was drawn which portrays how markets served as central controlling or coordinating unit in terms of interception of supplies and demands and discharging them accordingly. On that direction, it has been postulated that if the operational challenges inherent in the Kano business landscape are overcome and good governance has been sustained, Kano would experienced an industrial breakthrough in about 20 years and it will emerge as the first megalopolis in West Africa. It was therefore recommended that, markets should be included in the economic development plan of Kano; Environmental management system should be put in place; and Good governance should be pursued at all levels; among others.

Keywords: Distribution, Issues, Trend, and Kano, markets