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Peer Pressure, Home and School Factors Predisposing Secondary School Student to Indiscipline in Bwari Area Council Abuja, Nigeria (Published)

This study investigated peer pressure, home, and school factors predisposing secondary school students to indiscipline in the Bwari area council of Abuja. A descriptive survey research design of correlation type was adopted for the study. The total population consisted of all secondary school students in the study area, 250 students were sampled for the study, using a simple random sampling technique. Five research questions were raised and answered. Two self-constructed research instruments were used for the study; the first is titled Predisposing Factors to Indiscipline Questionnaire (PFIQ) and Student Indiscipline Questionnaire (SIQ), and the two instruments yielded 0.84 and 0.81 reliability coefficients respectively. The result revealed that stealing and Smuggling mobile phones to school are common indiscipline acts among secondary school students. There is significant relationship between home factor and student indiscipline (r = .316 p< 0.05), there is negative but significant relationship between peer influence and student indiscipline (r =-0.193 p< 0.05), there is a significant relationship between School factor and teacher Student indiscipline (r = .232, p< 0.05.) and home factor, peer influence, and School factor was jointly contributed to indiscipline in senior secondary school (F(250) =14.856, p= 0.000.). Based on the findings, the study concluded that factors that predispose senior secondary students to indiscipline in the Bwari Area council Abuja are home factor, peer influence, and school factor. The researcher recommended that Stakeholders should make sure that both home and school factors surrounding students are highly positive to influence their lives and raise disciplined students in our society.

Keywords: Peer Influence, and indiscipline, home factor, school factor