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Knowledge of Education Law and Human Rights Violations among Secondary School Personnel in Nigeria (Published)

The study investigated knowledge of education law and human rights violations among secondary school personnel in Nigeria. Two research questions and one hypothesis were answered and tested in this study. Survey research design was adopted, in which questionnaire was used for data collection. A sample size of 92 respondents were selected, using stratified random sampling technique from a population of 1458 secondary school personnel, which comprised of principals, vice principals, compound masters and  labour masters. A 17-item researchers’ developed questionnaire known as ‘Knowledge of Education Law and Human Rights Violations Questionnaire’ (KELHRVQ) was used for data collection, and data generated were analyzed using mean, standard deviation and t-test statistical tools at 0.05 alpha level. Findings were that secondary school personnel do not possess knowledge of the basic principles of law related to education. Again, secondary school personnel violate students’ rights in schools in Nigeria. Conclusively, the study presumed that the extent of the violations of students’ rights was contingent upon the ignorance of secondary school personnel of the basic principles of law related to education. Therefore, a major recommendation is that all teacher education institutions (Universities and Colleges of Education) and programmes should incorporate legal aspects of education as a minimum curriculum requirement.

Keywords: Education Law, Fundamental Human Rights, and Human Right Violation.