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Evaluation of Soc in a Pine and Broadleaved Mixed Forest Soil of a Nature Reserve in Guangdong Province China (Published)

Citation: Christian Toochi Egbuche, Su Zhiyao , Okereke-Ejiogu Ngozi .E,  Azubuike N.O., I.E.Duruanyim, Duru I.C. , Marcellin Robertson ,and Okoi U. Ina Jnr(2022)   Evaluation of Soc in a Pine and Broadleaved Mixed Forest Soil of a Nature Reserve in Guangdong Province China, British Journal of Environmental Sciences, Vol.10, No.2, pp. 23-40

 Abstract: The concern on the role of soil in the global carbon budget and effects of SOC decline on soil quality has been incorporated in international treaties. In Article 3.4 of the Kyoto protocol, soil and forests has been identified as a potential sink of carbon (SOC) that nations tends to establish greenhouse gas inventories and carbon management authorities. Sanchading Nature Reserve Forest Ecosystem and Wildlife study site covers a total area of 2044.2 hectares covering high specie richness of about 1,100 kinds of plants. Soil chemical analysis of the reserve site was conducted at specific depth (0-25cm and 25–50cm). Effect of plant stand types based on broad pine and broadleaved mixed forest (30.24±1.35, 11.71 of 4.49 coefficient variations at 0-25cm depth, while 25–50cm was 26.65±2.49, 21.53 at 9.33). Correlation analysis of NMC, BD, pH, EC and chemical properties showed highest at 51g*kg and 49g*kg at both depths. Duncan’s critical evaluation of SOC(105.62) and heavy metals revealed Zn to be highest (58.20±3.37). Analytical approaches of SOC and associated factors were comparatively reviewed while the study site shows that correlation analysis of the influence of soil properties on SOCc and SOCd (0-50cm) indicated less disturbances and good forest management regime were in place. SOC concentration and effect of pollution and other forest soil environmental disturbances shows negative impact on terrestrial ecosystems. Cumulative evaluation of SOC distribution further supports that pine and broadleaved mixed forest stand exhibits high potential of carbon sequestration.

Keywords: SOC, analytical approaches of SOC, carbon management, nature reserve, pine and broadleaved mixed forest