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Comparative Study of Mineral and Fatty Acid Composition of Oil Extracted From Raw and Anaerobic Fermented Tiger Nut Seed(Cyperurs esculentum) (Published)

Comparative study of raw and anaerobic fermented tiger nut seed oil was investigated to know whether the effect of anaerobic fermentation will alter the mineral and fatty acid composition of the oil from the sample.  The mineral composition observed in mg/kg for oil from raw and anaerobic fermentation tiger nut were Potassium(K)(3265.48±0.50and22851.200±0.50),Sodium(Na)(20.210±0.10 and18.750±0.10),Calcium(Ca)(5.330±0.10and6.471±0.10),Lead(Pb)(0.130±0.05and 0.101±0.05)Copper(Cu)       (2.024±0.10 and 3.530±0.10), Zinc(Zn) and manganese were very significant in both   while Magnessium(Mg)   had  121.120±0.20 and 147.470±0.20 respectively.The fatty acid present in the oil of raw and anaerobic fermentation were: Palmitic Acid (C16:0) (17.2689 and 17.8269), Palmitoleic Acid(C16:1)(0.1568 and 0.2138), Margaric Acid (C17:1) ( 0.0834 and 0.1130), Stearic Acid (C18:0) (2.7919 and 3.1444), Oleic Acid (C18:1) (64.9437 and 64.2864), Linoleic Acid (C18:2) (13.8846 and13.3413), Lenolenic Acid (C18:3) (0.3201and 0.4372), Arachidonic Acid (C20:0)( 0.3507 and 0.3646) and Behenic Acid (C22:1)( 0.1999 and 0.2725) respectively. Anaerobic fermentation increased the saturated fatty acid and reduced the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated in the oil sample as indicated in the raw oil sample. Oil from Anaerobic fermentation is prone to deterioration and oxidative rancidity due to the level of the saturated fatty acid.

Keywords: Anaerobic Fermention, Raw, Tiger Nut, fatty acid, oil