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Role of Azerbaijan Folklore, Toponyms & Names Related To Almond Prunus Amygdalus in Terminology Enrichment (Published)

This study is about the spread of almond in Azerbaijan since the ancient times; study of its genetic resources, propagation, conservation and protection; urgency of its sustainable use is spoken in the article. Its role in enrichment of genetics terminology and the language is underlined here. The related term-combinations have been exposed to comparative analysis in English, Russian, Azerbaijani, Latin et.al. Examples are given from Azerbaijan folklore: songs, proverbs, sayings, bayaties, saws, bywords, riddles, puzzles, toponyms and people’s names related to the plant. As the examples of both branches – plant genetic resources and folklore serve for language enrichment in whole integration of these two branches occurs hereby.

Keywords: Almond, Amygdalus Genus, Genetic Resources, Integration of Two Branches