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Variation of Housing Quality among Communities in Warri South- West Area of Delta State (Published)

The study examined the residential variation of housing conditions among communities in Warri South- West Local Government Area in Delta State. The study adopted a multi-stage random and systematic sampling technique. In adopting random sampling techniques, 16 communities were selected for questionnaire administration.  The data were presented in tables, statistical diagrams and analyzed with the aid of percentages, mean, analysis of variance statistics and multiple regression was employed. Simple descriptive analyses of the distributions and cross tabulation of variables were carried out. The result of the study shows that the study area is dominated by residential houses and as one moves from one community to the other, there are differences in the internal components of the houses such as locations of toilet and bathrooms and in some neighbourhood, these are found outside the building. Therefore, it was recommended that residential housing quality should be upgraded to approve standards using modern facilities and such houses should be built in accordance with the recommended standard of building and housing in the country.

Keywords: Housing Quality, Variation, Warri South- West, among communities