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Western Films and Youth Dressing Pattern in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions (Published)

This research is focused on the influence of western films on youths dressing pattern in Taraba State University, Jalingo. The study postulated that it is possible for youths to be dissuaded from indecent dressing projected by western films. The survey design was used to gather the data for the study in which 220 questionnaires were administered among students of Taraba State University, Jalingo and 200 was retrieved and used for the analysis. Findings showed that hip hop/hippies, corporate/cocktail and make up/hairstyle are the most imitated forms/styles of dressings by youths in American films and that such forms of dressing to a large extent influences youths choice of dressing.  Some of the recommendations proffered for reversing the trend are: proper parenting and counseling, uncompromising religious teaching and establishment of dress code by tertiary institutions.

Keywords: American films, Dressing, Influence, Tertiary Institution, Youths