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Role of Education in Transcending Birth and Social Class: A Comparison of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park and Louisa May Alcott’s An Old Fashioned Girl (Published)

Jane Austen’s novels also known as the novels of manners belonged to the genre of moral-domestic novels that empowered women in the domestic life in the nineteenth century England focusing on the family dynamics in grooming the young adolescent women. Louisa May Alcott was the shining star of domestic fiction written for girls in nineteenth-century America. Domestic fiction also known as sentimental novels were written by women for young adolescent girls which revealed the dominant American culture and society in which they lived. The aim of this paper is to explore the journey of the female protagonists who in their adolescence are not led by temptations of class and wealth but practice the virtue of self-denial in creating an identity on attaining adulthood. In addition, this paper is multidisciplinary n approach in comparing the family and social environment of nineteenth century England and America as described in the novels that is significant to the self-education of the female protagonists

Keywords: America, England, Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, nineteenth century

Presidential Law-Making Power in Nigeria and America: Turning Presidents into Supermen? (Published)

The law-making power is traditionally assigned to the Legislature.  However, the increasing involvement of Presidents in law-making has generated much interest and controversies among scholars, in recent times.   This paper examines the extent of the President’s law-making power both in Nigeria and the United States of America.  It is argued that the increasing exercise of legislative power by Presidents, arising from delegation of such   power by the Legislature, legislative abdication of power or executive usurpation of power, has virtually turned Presidents into supermen, exercising all powers of government.  The paper, however concludes that if presidential legislative power is properly utilized and controlled, it could become a useful instrument for the attainment of sustainable constitutional democracy.

Keywords: America, Law-making Power, Nigeria, Sustainable Constitutional Democracy.


William Faulkner (1897-1962) is one of the most formidable 20th century American Writers. He is a novelist of a great stature and is known exclusively for his narrative technique for which he has been hailed as an innovator par excellence. He uses the stream of consciousness technique in his novels. Faulkner is also an American Historian as much as he is a considered a Novelist. Although being a Novelist, it has earned him the distinction of becoming the first American Novelist to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. Faulkner, a modern novelist is known for recording the American South History. His novels and Short Stories are embedded with themes that reflect the important issues such as the Civil War, Slavery and Class Conflicts, which brought the world’s attention to American doors. This paper traces the beginning stages of Faulkner’s writing and parleys on one of the important novels that he had penned during his career in writing.

Keywords: America, Novel and History, William Faulkner