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Some Useful Ameliorative Behaviour Modification Therapies For Frequently Observed Adolescents’ Misdemeanor In Nigeria (Published)

The purpose of this paper was to analyse the misdemeanor or crises associated with adolescent period of life in a bid to proposing some useful behavioural intervention techniques that could be used to ameliorate these adolescent crises or misdemeanor. The frequently observed adolescent crises mentioned or listed include (1) Family violence, and societal violence such as  rape, cultism, armed robbery, kidnapping, internet fraud, drug abuse, assassination, among others. In this regard, the professional counselling psychologist remains a key factor in the curbing or tackling of adolescents deviant behaviour. This paper, therefore has put forward some useful behaviour modification therapies which include (i) operant conditioning (ii) cognitive restructuring, (iii) Aversive conditioning (iv) the use of confrontation (v)systematic desensitization (vi)  use of contingency contracting, (vii)  use of token economy, among others. The paper, therefore, recommends that all persons involved in moulding adolescents behaviour should gain mastery of these appropriate techniques and use them effectively.  

Keywords: Adolescent Misdemeanor, Ameliorative, Behaviour Modification, Therapies