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Different Forms of Violence in Edward Albee’s who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Published)

Violence is one of the most overworked terms within academia as it drove researchers in various disciplines to explore its multidisciplinary nature and effects. Literature is no exception. Out of the master forms of violence, the present paper analyzes the different forms of domestic violence in Edward Albee’s Who Afraid of Virginia Woolf? And A Delicate Balance. The major forms of domestic violence analyzed herein are psychological violence, physical violence, verbal violence and sexual violence. It attempts to investigate the different violent characters in such plays. Moreover, it sheds light on different networks among characters suffering from violence. These highlighted family relationships include husband-wife and father-daughter, relationships.


Keywords: Albee, Domestic Violence, Networks, Suffering, psychological violence, verbal violence

Family Disintegration in Albee’s The Sandbox (Published)

In most of Albees plays, human relationships, in one form or another, are the final cost paid for a persons emotional detachment from humanity. So, the absence of a human relationship with his family leads to desperation, hidden behind the emotional detachment of the modern man. Therefore, symbolic suicide, murder, and death are the results of these plays. Through Albees The Sandbox, this study strives to cast a matter if style  on the family relationship in order to prove that losing of humanity values and the negative  attitude of younger generation towards the older generation, led to dramatic effects in the American society specifically after the Second World War.

Keywords: Albee, Cruelty., Elderly Care, Frustration, Ingratitude