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Computer Mediated Communication and Academic Performance of University Students’ in Nigeria (Published)

This study on Computer Mediated Communication and Academic Performance of University Students’ in Nigeria has as its objectives to ascertain the level of exposure, determine the level of dependence, ascertain the level of application and gratification derived from the use of computer mediated communication by University students’ in Nigeria. The research design used for data collection was opinion survey, with questionnaire and personal interviews as research instruments. The population of the study comprised students of Akwa Ibom State University, which is 8,999 (wwwaksu.edu.ng). The sample size of 400 was determined using Taro Yamani’s sample size determination formula. The research adopted two sampling procedures for selecting samples for the study. The data collected from the questionnaire were analysed in simple percentages and the personal interview were analysed qualitatively using explanation building based on the research questions. The study which was anchored on Computer Mediated Communication theory and Technology Determinism theory found out that majority of respondents (61%) agreed that the level of application/dependence on CMC was very little. The study further revealed that respondents perceived the level of application/dependence on CMC to be unsatisfactory. The study further revealed factors affecting CMC implementation in Akwa Ibom State University to include poor quality of internet signals, learners perception of social presence in CMC, lack of data, inadequate computer/laptops in the university and insufficient electricity on campus.


Keywords: : Academic Performance, Akwa Ibom State University, Students, computer-mediated communication, imperatives

Landscape Planning and Sustainable Ecological Management of Nigerian Universities: Akwa Ibom State University Example (Published)

The study was conducted in Obio Akpa Campus of Akwa Ibom State University located in Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.  The University campus is situated on a very beautiful physical terrain: undulating land surfaces inter spaced by a shallow valley.  It has a very unique attractive appearance.  However, it is this very nature of its environment that makes it highly sensitive and vulnerable to ecological hazards.  Recently, the campus has experienced many new physical development projects such as construction of new class rooms, staff offices, laboratories, etc.  It was observed that the land cover elements removed during the process of constructing these buildings were not replaced after the buildings completion. Consequently, the wash away effects of the heavy and frequent incidence of rainfall in this ecological zone are taking serious toll on the University environment, even posing danger of sudden collapse to some buildings.  The aim of the study was to demonstrate the use of landscape planning as a tool to check further degradation of the University environment and its neighborhood.  The Geographic Information System (GIS) methods were adopted to generate the data. The study has identified areas requiring very urgent landscape attention. A space view image of this section of the campus was processed and presented. Also, a model landscape design was prepared and presented.  Landscaping of the surroundings of all the buildings and the entire university surroundings, provisions of paved driveways, walkways, parking areas and coordinated rain water drain channels were among the recommendations.

Keywords: Akwa Ibom State University, Landscape planning, Nigeria, ecological management