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Traditional Values, Meanings and Beliefs in Some Sculpture Products in Kpando Traditional Area in the Volta Region, Ghana (Published)

The world is created in a way that nothing exists without being perceived with the eye. Everything is artistically made: being it physical or abstract, artistic products have forms that can be seen and described with their peculiar meanings. Sculptures cut across all human horizons. An important aspect of them is their cultural values and beliefs, which are legacies laid down by the ancestors to their descendants. The aim of this manuscript is to unveil the values and beliefs of some sculptures used by the traditional authorities in Kpando in the Volta Region, Ghana. The main tools used for the paper were interviews with artists who specialized in making traditional symbols, and personal experiences as a practicing sculptor. This facilitated the acquisition of in-depth knowledge about some traditional values and beliefs through the use of sculpture products, in the spiritual, social, economical and political lives of the people. The outcome of the manuscript will go a long way to promote peoples’ comprehension of the values and beliefs of sculpture products used traditionally in the Kpando community.

Keywords: Akpini Traditional Area, Beliefs, Kpando, Sculptures, Values