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Investigation of Women’s Palm Oil Processing In Some Villages of Nigeria (Published)

An investigation of women’s palm oil processing in some selected villages of Nigeria was undertaken on September-October, 2015 with the aim of knowing the percentage of women involved in the use of palm oil processing machine and their plight in palm oil production. The study areas considered include Ogunjimi, Danlegan, Morola, Safejo, Ogunshina, Akamo, Olokuna of Akinyele and Lagelu Local Government Areas of Oyo state Nigeria. The information provided and data generated were gathered through oral interview, discussion and questionnaires. The result showed that 80.4% females were involved in palm oil processing while 19.6% were males. About 90.2% of the respondents are pleased with the existing machine while only 9.8% were not pleased. The crosstab showed that 38 female respondents said ‘Yes’ to the existing machine while 3 of them said ‘No’. However, their major challenge was poor roads linking their villages because 90.2% of the respondents called on the government to construct their roads while 9.8 requested for other things. These data were analyzed with the use of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). There was a significance difference in the palm oil processing machine usage of the women in these areas than that of their male counterparts. This showed that women in these areas will produce more palm oil if encouraged by the government. This will assist them to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) objectives in terms of gender equality.

Keywords: Akinyele, Lagelu Local Government Areas., Palm-oil processing Machine, SDGs, Women