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Selection of a Suitable Electronic Toll Collection System (Published)

In this work, the AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) is applied to select a most satisfactory ETC (Electronic toll collection) method. ETC is an applied science that permits the automation of tariff collections at toll parkways. The ETC technologies from which selection was done are based on DSRC (dedicated short-range communication) which includes barcode, quick response (QR) code and radio frequency identification (RFID). Each of these technologies was analyzed based on five criteria to optimize the selection process.

Keywords: AHP, Barcode, ETC, QR-Code, RFID, Technology

Determination of Pegagan Duck Agroindustry Policies Priority and Development Strategies (Conservation of Native Pegagan Duck Indonesia) (Published)

The objective of this research is to arrange Pegagan duck agroindustry policies and its development strategies. Pegagan Duck is a local germplasm native to Ogan Ilir District with a propect of being developed into local superior commodity. However, its population continues to decline. This research applied Expert Choice in Analytical hierarchy process (AHP) Application in order to determine policy priorities in Pegagan Duck agroindustry development in Ogan Ilir Sub-district. The result of this research showed that Pegagan Duck development can be present by implementing Good Farming Practice. Determination of alternative strategies in developing Pegagan duck Agroindustry was done by SWOT analysis whereas strategy priority determination was applied on Quantitative Strategy Planning Matrix (QSPM). It is concluded that, revitalization on local Pegagan duck stockbreeding center based on local resouces through regulation and implementation of appropriate technology was the chosen strategy.

Keywords: AHP, Expert Choice, Pegagan Duck, QSPM, Swot Analysis

Educational Attainment Favourability Mapping With the Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) (Published)

The educational attainment belongs to the core of the educational researches;  and, researchers within this domain are attempting to develop the ‘tools and techniques’ of demarcating the areas having a degree of advancement or backwardness in terms of attainment; as well as effort is being made to examine the internal functions of the interactive variables associated with the process. In the present study we try to apply the algorithm of Analytical Hierarchy Process in mapping the spatial differentiation of the favourability of educational attainment in the district of Purulia, a backward districts in terms of achieved level of human development in India.  The output from the model has been validated with the variable of Mean Year of Schooling which is a recognized indicator of the prevailing level of attainment. The spatial mapping of educational favourability is done.

Keywords: AHP, Multi criteria, Pair wise comparison matrix, developing countries

The Strategy for Maritime Attraction Development in Bawean Islands, Indonesia (Published)

The research shows that the maritime attractions in the Bawean islands have the great potential to be the islands’ main attraction since the panorama of beach and sea meets the 3S criteria (sun, sea, sand), and they have good quality of marine ecosystem. Noko island becomes the first priority over other tourist destinations in Bawean island. Moreover, diving and beach are the main attractions that need to be improved. This study also determines that Strengths Opportunities (SO) strategy is the most appropriate one employed to support the development of some tourist attractions in the Bawean islands since it uses Bawean people’s open character toward the maritime attractions and their religious values. They are engaged in the process of the maritime attraction development from planning, execution, until evaluation. There are also other points of the strategy which are optimizing the airport in Tanjung Ori Bawean for the main transportation to Bawean Island, making the beach area, especially the area of coral reef ecosystems, a Marine Protected Area, and increasing the facilities and infrastructures of the maritime attraction like road, clean water, hotel, restaurant, and water sport/game by cooperating with some investors.

Keywords: AHP, Bawean Islands, Maritime Attraction, SWOT, Strategy