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Information Needs and Information Seeking Behavior of Agricultural Researchers of Fadis and Mechara Agricultural Research Centers, Ethiopia (Published)

This study was conducted to examine the information needs and information seeking behavior of agricultural researchers of Fadis and Mechara agricultural research centres in East and West Hararghe Zones. The study went further to establish the preferred sources of information and problems faced when seeking information.  No study has been done on this topic in these study areas. Questionnaire was used as a data collection tool along with observation checklist and focus group discussion guide. Questionnaire was distributed to entire (63) agricultural researchers of the two research centers for data collection. The collected data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and content analysis. The findings of this study revealed that agricultural researchers need information on climate change strategies, soil fertility, farming system characterization, horticulture, plant breeding and soil and water management. The preferred source of information for agricultural researchers is electronic source. Consulting with experts in subject field, browsing shelves in Library/internet and discussion with development agent and farmers were the major ways Agricultural researchers seek information. The major problems facing agricultural researchers of two particular research centers in seeking information are absence of information  and communication technology professionals in Centers, low or slow internet connectivity and erratic electricity disruptions, lack of training on information literacy and less use of the available information sources. Hence, information service providers and agricultural research centers should conduct regular studies on information needs and information seeking behavior of agricultural researchers to deliver relevant information, usable information sources in order to meet the disparate needs of agricultural researchers.


Keywords: agricultural research center, information needs, information seeking behavior