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Towards A Greener Interpretation Model (Rule); A Contentious But (An) Undisguised Approach in Investment-Environment Disputes Settlement (Published)

This essay brings greener interpretation as contentious but undisguised strategic move in the investment and environment dispute settlement to best protect the environment and settle controversies often rise at international level on these areas. Greener interpretation, as explained, cards on this sensitive discourse table claiming itself both as an approach and rule of interpretation in investment-environment disputes. Yet it doesn’t appeal to a specific rule of interpretations done in the human right activists nor favor what had been practiced in the investment-environment disputes settlement. To do so the author used to make a brief review of scholarly literature and decisions, analyses the treaties and conventions relating to investor protection, environmental multilateral agreements and international rule of interpretation. Indeed this short essay doesn’t touch upon every dispute raised between environment and investment, doesn’t review and indicate also organs of decision making…relating to environment and investment. But these are used limited only to building arguments to show greener interpretation as contentious but undisguised and new model in investment-environment dispute.

Keywords: Agreements, Contentious, Environmental Multi-Lateral, Greener Interpretation, Undisguised