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Demographic Factors Influencing Coping with Declining Self-Concept among the Aged (Published)

This study investigated demographic factors influencing coping with declining self-concept among the aged. The study was carried out in Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria. The research design was descriptive survey while the sample was 446 individuals aged 60years and above. They were composed through stratified random sampling technique from 15 autonomous communities in the area of study. Relevant data were collected from them through the personal contact method of administration of copies of a researchers’ developed questionnaire on them. The test retest reliability co-efficient of this instrument within an interval of 2 weeks was 0.64. T-test of independent means was employed in data analysis and the results show that sex, educational level and marital status do not significantly influence, coping with decling self-concept among the aged. The results also show that type of previous work was a significant factor. These results were discussed and some recommendations made. One of the recommendations is that the federal, states and local governments should ensure prompt payment of retirement benefits to retired public servants.

Keywords: Coping, Factors, Self-Concept, aged.