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Delayed Transplanting Causes the Yield Difference between Experimental Plot and Farmer’s Field in Rice (Published)

An experiment was conducted at Agriculture Botany Division Farm, Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Nepal to find out causes of yield difference between experimental plot and farmer’s field in 2013 and 2014. Randomised complete block design with three replication was used to compare twelve rice genotypes with Khumal-4 as a standard check. One set of genotypes were transplanted in the normal season i.e. last week of June and the other set was transplanted two weeks delayed to meet farmer’s transplanting time. Different rice parameters like grain yield, plant height, panicle length, days to heading and maturity were found significant (p<0.05). Grain yield and total biomass of normal transplanted rice were found higher than delayed transplanted rice in both year. The reason could be that too early and too late transplanting could not fulfill the required temperature and photoperiod for rice crop. Late transplant are severe to cold and effect plant growth and yield. Thus the yield difference between experimental plot and farmer’s field can be minimised by transplanting rice in appropriate time with recommended package of practices.

Keywords: Aged Seedlings, Delayed Transplanting, Farmer’s Field, Potential Yield, Yield Difference