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Determinants of the Age at First Marriage among the University Teachers in Algeria: A Mix Methodology Approach (Published)

This study examines the determinants of age at first marriage among the university teachers in Algeria. A Weibull proportional hazard and multivariate logistic regressions models were used on data set from a survey covering a sample of 682 teachers. The findings revealed that: The median ages at first marriage are: 36 and 39.4 years for men and women, respectively, with a gap of 3.1 and 8 years from the general population. For: birth order, teacher specialty, study place and working before joining the academic staff all together explain a very small percent of variation of the age at marriage; in contrast, Housing, salaries’ level and a suitable partner were the hidden factors determining the age at marriage. As policy implications, policy-makers have to focus on these factors in order to help teachers to satisfy this biological and sociological need.


Keywords: Age at Marriage, Algeria, Socio-Economic Factors, University Teacher