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Globalization, prostitution and African tradition (Published)

The purpose of this study is to establish how modern globalization encourages an unprecedented escalation of prostitution in Africa, how that affects the African traditions, and how their consequences extend to hamper development in the African continent. The paper sees the unbridled export of Western goods and values into Africa as responsible for the total negation of African traditions. This in turn, encourages the crazy quests to satisfy the demands of modern globalization. Africans of all classes are now engaged in a mad race to acquire Western goods to qualify for Western life styles. And the rule seems to be: “If it is not a Western style in a Western good, it cannot be a Western value.” The deluge of goods from the West makes their acquisition easy for Africans against locally made goods with both short and long term effects on local industries and manufactures. The result is that African traditional ways of life, including all traditional industries and manufactures, are totally avoided for Western goods and values. This has brought about a strange culture that disregards the African moral rectitude for a high level immorality as an easy way of accessing the Western goods. This paper is a qualitative study which uses the analytic and narrative methods of history to underscore the African experiences under modern globalization. The paper attributes the wide escalation of prostitution and its scourge in contemporary Africa to modern globalization and its immoral strategies. The major consequence of this is the stagnation of the socio-economic growth and development of the African continent.

Keywords: African traditions, Poverty, Prostitution, Underdevelopment, modern globalization