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Chemical Treatment with Urea for Aflatoxin B1 and Its Bio Effect on the Egg Embryos (Published)

Results showed the sovereignty of genus Aspergillus spp. By 68%, followed by genus Penicillium spp. And Rhizopus spp. 10% and Mucor spp. 2%, and Aspergillus flavus record highest existence percentages 39%. And given the isolation of A. flavus Link ex Fires given higher production of aflatoxin B1( AFB1) 3.5 µg / ml. And the concentration 5% urea is the best in the inactivation of the growth of A. flavus and its production of AFB1. And fogging cotton meal with urea 5% showed better results in reducing the existence of fungi percentage from 61% to 0.0 and the percentage fungus A.flavus from 39% to 0.0 in comparison with control 100%. Urea 5% showed as well as the protection of cotton meal for 8 weeks of fungal infection or contamination with AFB1 in comparison with control. AFB1 led to the killing of eggs embryos to 100% in comparison with control 0.0. And the cotton meal extract contaminated with AFB1 and treated with urea 5% led to reduce the proportion of feticide to 85% compared to the treatment of AFB1 100%.

Keywords: Afb1, Cotton Meal, Urea and Chicken Eggs