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Aesthetic education requirements and its components in the educational system (Review Completed - Accepted)

The purpose of this study is to determine the need and components of aesthetic cognitive education and formed based on the contemporary global challenge of education in the ethical education, the balanced personality development of students and regardlessness to diverse learning opportunities.

Aesthetic congnitive education is a new approach toward the art and beaty in the educational platform; and some challenges present in the eduacational value-based system are what makes necessary this approach.

In this study which has been done based on the attributive-analitical method after presenting the concept and requirements of aesthetic education , the components of this approach have been presented in a systematic method as Objectives, principles and pedagogical methods.

These objectives were proprosed in the three eemotional, cognitive, cultural and social parts and this structure by a principal presentation such as the self-motivation principle , strategic thought principle ، the balance of ntellect and feelings principle, promoting the aesthetic literacy principle, creativity and deduction leades to the methods based on the vertical and horizontal development of experiences and developing and the use of senses and promoting the imagination and creativity.This method causes the education in the intrapersonal , interpersoanl and value-based areas some positive changes to be generated


Keywords: Aesthetic Education, Axiology, Education, Epistemology