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Influence of Layout and Design on Strategy and Tactic for Communicating Advertising Messages (Published)

The study examines the extent to which copy, layout and design influence strategy and tactic for disseminating advertising messages and it investigates how aestheticism created by a Visualizer in the copy, layout and design influence the strategy and tactic for communicating to both prospective buyers and sceptical consumers. It also seeks to educate product users about the importance of beauty in advertising layout, design and production through the reinforcement of extensive illustrative and conceptual techniques. The major keywords in the title: layout, design, strategy and tactic are conceptually operationalized in order to hold them within the total scope of the study. It was found out that layouts and designs processes adopted by most Visualizers always follow standardized style and a manner in which a thought or image is expressed by choosing particular artistic elements and blending them in a unique way. The conclusion is that when prospective buyers are confronted with advertising copy, layout and design the first thing they see is visual, then they read the headline and later peruse the body copy. It is, however, recommended that the visual in print advertising should be adequately designed by Visualizer with great sense of purpose to procure the desired attention from prospective buyers of products.

Keywords: Advertising messages, Artistic elements, Layout and design, Prospective buyers, Strategy and tactic