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Teaching English Writing Remotely During Covid-19 in College of Basic Education Kuwait (Published)

This paper deals with teaching writing as a process at the college of Basic Education Kuwait. It talks about the changes that had to be implemented in the times of COVID-19 and any challenges needed to be overcome.

Keywords: Adult Learners, Teaching English, writing, writing as a process education

Vol 9, Issue 5, 2021 ()

Keywords: Adult Learners, Teaching English, writing, writing as a process education

Active Educational Techniques and Effective Learning of Human Resources (Published)

This article attempts to explore the relationship between active educational techniques and effective learning in vocational training centres. In particular, the effect of active educational techniques on the effectiveness of the adult educational process is explored. The analysis of the findings highlights, first of all, the great need for the use of adult learning techniques, their importance and their positive educational outcomes. In addition, it is noted that the most important reasons for abandoning an adult program are inefficiency in learning and lack of respect.

Keywords: Active Learning Techniques, Adult Education, Adult Learners, Learning Outcomes, Vocational Training Centres

Stress Management among Married Adult Learners in the Work and Study Programme of Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki Nigeria (Published)

The study investigated the causes of stress for adult learners in the Work and Study programme in Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki.  Specifically the study assessed the extent to which family expectations societal expectations, crowded classrooms, short period of study and lack of committed teachers cause stress for adult learners in the work and study programme. The population for this study consisted of all the adult learners in the Work and Study programme in the Faculty of Education numbering 630, while the sample size was 140. Five research questions guided the study. The instrument for data collection was a researcher made instrument named Adult Learners’ Stressors Assessment Scale (ALSAS) which is a four – point modified Likert scale with four clusters (A – D) and 25 items. Data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation. The findings of the study revealed that the adult learners in Ebonyi State University in the Work and Study programme are stressed by family expectations, societal expectations, and the shortness of the period under which they have to cover the whole work meant for their programme.  To them, the teachers or the crowded classrooms do not constitute stress. Recommendations were also made for example that they should accept counselling for stress management strategies

Keywords: Adult Learners, Stress, Stressors, work and study

Coaching For Adult Learners and Educators- Needs and Expectations (Published)

The article presents the results of a pre-analysis of learners’ and educators’ needs and expectations carried out under the multilateral Grundtvig project Coaching Skills for Adult Education (COACH4U) with the aim of establishing the nature of their work and communication with adult learners. The research was conducted during January – February 2015 through a focus-group discussion with 47 participants from the UK, Spain, Cyprus, Poland, Sweden and Bulgaria. The indicators used in the study are: communication with adult learners in and out of the classroom; general awareness of coaching and coaching skills; knowledge of specific coaching techniques; use of coaching techniques; expectations about the application of coaching to participants’ personal expertise; expectations about improving participants’ expertise in different areas; application of acquired coaching knowledge and skills to the context of partner organisations. Some conclusions oriented towards professional competences in adult education are formulated on the basis of the research.

Keywords: Adult Learners, Coaching, Educators, Expectations, Needs, Project