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Business Development Strategy of Organic Vegetables in Agribusiness Development Station (Ads) IPB (Published)

Agribusiness Development Station (ADS) IPB is one of the agribusiness companies that rely on organic vegetables one of their main traded commodities. ADS IPB has been a high daily demand, but limited production area causing low production capacity and weak farmer partnership system make the company unable to reach market demand. This study aims is identify the performance has been running to develop the ADS organic vegetable business, analyze the internal and external factors that affect the development of organic vegetables business in ADS, formulating to improve it is development using descriptive method, Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE), External Factor Evaluation (EFE), SWOT Matrix and Architecture Strategy. The SWOT Matrix results is 12 alternative strategies chosen as ADS IPB to develop organic vegetable business strategy. Based on architecture strategic results, the sequence of strategies for the next five years starting from provide farmer partner distribution facilities to ADS IPB up to marketing and selling online.

Keywords: ADS IPB, Architecture Strategic, EFE, IFE Matrixs, Organic, SWOT Matrix