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Training and Efficiency: A Quantitative Survey of Administrative Officials in Local Self-Government Authorities (Published)

This paper presents the results of a quantitative survey that was conducted on local self-government officials of the municipality of Larissa, with the aim of exploring their views on the contribution of training to their job performance. It also investigated whether these views differ according to the officials’ gender, age and seniority. The research results showed that officials recognise the benefits of training, in terms both of their personal efficiency and of the efficiency of the organisation where they work. These views do not appear to be statistically significantly different, on the basis of predefined variables.

Keywords: Administrative Officials, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Local Self-Government

Investigation of the Views of Administrative Officials on the Necessity of Their Participation in Training Programs (Published)

This paper attempts to investigate the views of the administrative officials of the Municipality of Larissa on their participation in training programs relating to their competencies. In specific, it investigates whether they consider training necessary, the reasons why they choose to be trained and the issues in which they feel they need to be trained. The analysis of the findings highlights, first of all, the great need for training officials. The most important reasons are considered to be the acquisition of new knowledge and skills and the addressing of shortcomings, to allow them to solve problems of their daily working life. As regards the subjects covered by the training, they primarily select programs related to the organisation and administration of local government services and to the interpretation of the legislative framework.

Keywords: Administrative Officials, Local Self-Government, Reasons, Subjects, Training