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Exposure to Electronic Device Screen and Its Health Implications Among Undergraduate Students in Ogun State, Nigeria (Published)

The study examined the effects of electronic device screen exposure on undergraduate students’ health. The goal of this study is to determine the level of screen exposure, the consequences on overall health, and the level of screen addiction among undergraduate students of Babcock University. Primary data was gathered, the study used a descriptive cross-sectional design. The Taro Yamane sampling formula was used to calculate a sample size of 379. The study utilized standardized questionnaires (QueST, PSQI, and Multiple Screen Addiction Scale). The study found a high level of screen exposure among Babcock University undergraduate students on weekdays 8.38(SD=2.89) and a higher level of exposure on weekends 11.50 (SD=1.65). The data also demonstrate that screen exposure has a negative impact on sleep, as the PSQI Component/Domain indicated a sleep disturbance of 0.47(SD=0.40). The study also discovered that Babcock University students are addicted to screens, with an average screen time of 10.83 hours (SD=3.61). Health educators should focus on encouraging undergraduate students to prioritize their sleep hours and assisting them in overcoming barriers to adequate sleep, such as excessive screen time. Students should be provided with and encouraged to use anti-glare or anti-blue ray protectors as part of routine eye examinations.

Keywords: Addiction, Electronic device, Undergraduate Students, screen time, sleep disturbance

Models and Approaches to Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehabilitation in Kenya (Published)

Drug addiction is a complex illness. It is characterized by intense and, at times, uncontrollable drug craving, along with compulsive drug seeking and use that persist even in the face of devastating consequences. Counsellors therefore need to study and develop multi-faceted drug intervention models that are “drug specific” to the addiction at hand. One size does not fit all. This paper looks at the various approaches to rehabilitation used to enhance recovery of alcoholics and drug abusers in registered inpatient rehabilitation centres in Kenya. A descriptive study that used a qualitative approach was carried out. The study focused on all the residential drug rehabilitation centres in and around Nairobi. The Study Sample included the counselors directly dealing with the treatment of clients in these centres. A two level questionnaire was used to establish the treatment models used in the various in patient drug rehabilitation centres from the respondents, using a qualitative key informant interview. Data was analysed and presented using descriptive and inferential statistics. The study found out that various models of treatment were used for treatment of clients admitted in drug rehabilitation centres in Nairobi. The commonly used models included the 12 step program of the Minnesota model, Therapeutic community model, Medical model and in most places a mixture of the various models.

Keywords: Addiction, Alcohol, Drug, Rehabilitation, Treatment models

Negative Impacts of Technology in Nigerian Society (Published)

Technology has been evolving since the foundation of the world, from the mastery of fire by man to supercomputers, the electronics and nuclear weapons of the twenty first century and the most recent includes the print, telephone and the internet. These recent technologies have improved communications on a global scale in various areas such as advanced economy, development of destructive weapons, unwanted by-products, and privacy encroachment. Questions have been raised on whether technology improves the society or worsens its existence. This paper investigated the opinion of people on the age range who mostly use modern technology about the negative effects of technology on Nigerian society. The study used questionnaire to gather data from students of higher institution in Rivers State. These students come from different states of the federation, thus making the sample representative of Nigerian society. It was discovered that the problem is technological addiction which leads to isolated generation, over reliance, and obsession. This paper argued that over usage of modern technology or inappropriate usage yields negative effects on the user and advised that users should be self-disciplined when using them.

Keywords: Addiction, Internet, Mobile Phone, Negative effect, Social Network, Technology