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Significance of Actors in the Maize Supply Chain for Senior High Schools in Kumasi (Published)

The study seeks to address the supply chain of maize specifically to Senior High Schools in Kumasi Metropolis, Ghana, looking at the actors involved in the supply chain, their inter-relationships as well as the kind of network that connect them. Knowledge of these objectives will help any prospective merchant or any other stakeholder to be guided by what is in store for them and its effect. Questionnaire was used to gather data from sixty-eight respondents. The results indicated that there are some actors in maize supply chain who serve as the link between the main actors like the merchants and the consumers. Little assistance the actors give to one another includes discount and little financial support. There must be trust and fairness as well as availability of loan facilities, collaboration and prompt payment of debt that will help to improve the network among the actors.

Keywords: Actors, Kumasi, Maize, Relationship, Senior High Schools, Supply Chain Network