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What Happens to Nigerian Arts And Science Students Achievement in Life Science When Assisted With Individualized and Demonstration Methods (Published)

The study examined the effects of Demonstration and individualized methods on Nigerian Arts and Science students’ achievement in life science (Biology). It adopted quasi- experimental design. Three instructional methods (demonstration, individualized and control) and moderator variable (subject specialization) at two levels (Arts and Sciences) were used.The study employed a multi stage sampling techniques. At the first stage, three schools were randomly selected out of the twenty-public secondary in Abeokuta South Local Government of the state. At the second stage, sample sizes of sixty students were randomly selected from the list of students provided by three schools to obtain a total number of one hundred and eighty students. To reflect the subject specialization of the student thirty out of the sixty students were selected from the Science and Arts class.  Two instruments were developed for the measurement of the variable of this study, Biology Achievement Test (BAT) and Operational Guide for Instruction (OGI) stimulus instrument The result of the study obtained was analysed with spread sheet Microsoft excel, descriptive statistics and analysis of covariance.The result of the study was well discussed and recommendations were equally made.

Keywords: Achievement and Life Science, Demonstration Method, Individualized Method, Science, arts