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Analysis and Critical Reflection of Acehnese Language Phonology (Published)

The uniqueness of any language arises because of its distinct phonetic system. For one to learn a new language and effectively communicate in it, he or she will have to incorporate new intonation patterns, new grammar rules and new sounds among other skills. The number of local languages spoken in the Indonesian province of Aceh is significantly high. Acehnese, which is popular in the northern part of Sumatra, is one among them. Acehnese is identified to share several phonemes with languages such as English and Arabic. However, some of its sounds cannot be established in both languages. The current study principally aims to evaluate and critically reflect on the phonology of Acehnese, for instance by describing it in detail. Zulfadli Aziz, who is a native Acehnese speaker pursuing a Ph.D. at Adelaide University, provided the data used in the research. By using IPA symbols, the researcher noted and transcribed all the language instances. Several similarities and differences are identifiable between Acehnese and English, and a large number of Acehnese words originated from Arabic. The current study identifies the challenges that native Arabic and English speakers are likely to encounter in learning Acehnese. Additionally, the paper proceeds to provide several practical techniques that can be employed to ease the experience that foreign-language learners go through while learning Acehnese.

Keywords: Acehnese, Consonant, Consonant Clusters, Phonology, Vowels