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A Qualitative Analysis of Needs and Facilities of Special Students Available at Graduation/Post Graduation Level (Published)

All over the world we can see different type of individuals in the educational journey. Some are mentally sharp, average or below average. At the same time we have seen people with physical impairment who are pursuing at their path of education with a lot of courage and motivation. Yet in developing countries like Pakistan special students are facing many problems in their Academic process because of lack of primary resources as well as lack of implementation of policies which especially made to facilitate them. Present research was aim to identify the lack of special resources in academic process of visually impair students, which can facilitate them towards a better education at graduate and post graduate level. Twenty five (N=25) visually impaired students were purposefully selected. Nineteen were from Karachi University and rests of the six were from IDA RIEU welfare association deaf and blind school and college. A semi-structured interview was conducted, where participants were asked about 1- their current issues regarding available academic resources or problems they face in their academic process 2- provided resources by the institution 3- possible solutions of their problems. Along with prevalence of the different problems and available facilities (checked by their frequencies and percentages) the qualitative analysis of the interviews showed that available resources are not satisfactory for the facilitation of academic process of visually impair students in both private and Govt. graduate and post graduate institutions

Keywords: Academic Resources, Special Needs, Students, Visually Impair

Degree Students’ Access to Academic Resources: Kisii and Laikipia Universities in Kenya (Published)

Growth in undergraduate student enrolment in Kenyan public universities is phenomenal as public universities admitted 25% more students in 2011/2012 compared to 2010/2011 academic year. This is a positive response to public and private demand for highly trained human resource necessary for social and economic development of the country. However, the unprecedented rapid growth is posing challenges to both students and management of Public Universities. The study was set to compare on access to academic resource by undergraduate degree students in local Universities in Kenya. Key to this paper will be students’ access to morning and evening lectures, library and co-curricular activities. Kisii and Laikipia Universities were purposively chosen for the study. A cross sectional survey was used to select a target population of 607 and 332 parallel and regular degree students and 15 full time lecturers in Kisii University and 191 and 177 parallel and regular degree students and 25 full time lecturers in Laikipia University respectfully. The study adopted an analytical survey design as it was appropriate in analyzing varied data from different groups. Data was obtained by use of Likert scale and close ended questions in the questionnaires. Key findings were that the parallel degree students had more challenges in accessing sports facilities, lectures and teaching and learning resources.

Keywords: Academic Resources, Parallel Degree, Regular Degree, University