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Head Teachers’ Perception of the Influence of their Role Behaviours on Students Academic Performance in the Berekum Municipality (Published)

The study focused on the head teachers’ perception of the influence of their role behaviours on students’ academic performance in the Berekum Municipality. The study dwelled on three (3) research questions and one (1) hypothesis. It adopted the descriptive survey design with the quantitative approach in answering the formulated research questions and testing of the hypothesis. A sample of 140 head teachers and assistant head teachers out of a population of 144 head teachers and assistants head teachers was used. A questionnaire developed by the researchers with a reliability coefficient of 0.71 was used in the data collection. The study revealed that head teachers’ role behaviours towards functions as head teachers were unsatisfactory. On ways to improve upon the role behaviours of head teachers, they indicated that, adherence to their roles and teamwork among school staff would ensure a smooth operation of teaching and learning which would lead to improved students’ performance. It is recommended that teachers should hold scheduled meeting to discuss their role behaviour of head teachers and the effects.

Keywords: Academic Performance and Students, Head Teacher, Role behaviour